The neighboring solar system Alpha Centauri, is home to 3 suns and a Saturn sized planet named Olympus. Olympus is home to an advanced humanoid race called the Centaurians.  These beings have reached the peak of their physical, mental and emotional states through a rigorous and strict training philosophy. Roughly 2700 years ago they discovered our young maturing planet and sought to impart their knowledge with it's emerging civilization. This is their story...

We left Earth too soon believing our mission to be over as we looked to other worlds to help. That was a mistake. Our legacy was buried and nearly forgotten. What remained became Earth stories of myths and legends. We took the form of the Greek gods of Olympus, and even influenced Norse and Egyptian Mythology. But that soon fell out of favor as civilizations evolved and stories forgotten, our legacy, teachings and wisdom were turned into that of fairy tales and ramblings of civilizations past. We were to be relegated to the annals of history save for one man, a man of vision, determined and sheer will. That man was Eugene Sandow. 

At at the turn of the 19th Century, during an archeological dig in England, world-renowned archeologist, Eugene Sandow unearthed a treasure trove of our ancient blueprints for building fitness machines and equipment; protocols for augmenting muscular stature & extreme leanness; purposeful eating and other wisdom for optimum health. Sandow was so moved by these discoveries, that he devoted the rest of his life solely to the pursuit of Physical Culture and sharing this new-found knowledge to the rest of the world.

What Sandow and his followers started at the turn of the 19th century had set in motion a new found enthusiasm for the pursuit of physical perfection, health and well-being. As we continued to watch over Earth and marvel at your transformation, we were witness to a young Austrian who gained worldwide acclaim through this endeavour and the subsequent entry into the entertainment industry through action movies of the 1980s. This gave rise to a global acceptance of the importance of physical exercise and a greater emphasis on one's health.

Realizing that the citizens of Earth are on the verge of achieving what we had hoped. We thought it was time to right the wrong and once again walk with humanity. There is still work to be done. Your collective achievement of the metaverse has completed a "SPACE BRIDGE" where portals between our worlds now exist. From this, a new community will be born. With shared values, a sense of camaraderie and an unyielding support system. Your potential will be realized and limitations will be shed. Welcome to your new adventure. Welcome to your new adventure.

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Meta Muscle League

The META MUSCLE LEAGUE is a collection of 5,500 unique hand drawn & digitally mastered avatars that have reached the pinnacle of physical, mental, and spiritual perfection.  Owning one or more “SWOLYMPIANS” is your all access pass to the League’s ecosystem. Welcome to The META MUSCLE LEAGUE. Where the gym is always open.


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