The Meta Muscle League is more than just a token, it's a movement, a way of life. It is the embodiment of the fitness culture. But more importantly, the Meta Muscle League is an Ultra-Exclusive Membership that grants access to private events, free giveaways, special discounts and promotions within the fitness community.

Become an MML Ambassador

Want to represent the world's first fitness & bodybuilding NFT that offers real-world benefits? Become a Meta Muscle League Ambassador today!

Join the League today by minting your own unique MML alien. This will be your ultra-exclusive pass to League Benefits. No renewal fees, no pressure to purchase more! You only need one Meta Muscle League NFT for Life!

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Meta Muscle Merch

Gun Show

Sleeveless & Tanks

Choose from our wide selection of MML apparel including: t-shirts, tanks, sweat tops and more!

Boyz N The Hood

Hoodies & Jackets

Warm up, cool down, or hit the town with these ultra slick hoodies and jackets from the MML.

Tee it Up


We've got tees for all occasions. Rep the League in a variety of designs & colors to suit your style!

The Creators

For a combined 30+ years, Matt and Mark were the driving force behind industry-leading marketing creative and social media community building for several of the world's best selling and most popular health supplement brands. Armed with a passion for intense training, 80's action movies, all-things comics and pop culture, Matt and Mark have created a space that bridges real world fitness/ bodybuilding and the Metaverse. And now they invite you to join them in the Meta Muscle League.

Powered by Gorillalpha Supps

The Meta Muscle League has joined forces with one of the fastest growing supplement brands in the United Kingdom; Gorillalpha Supplements. This  one-of-a-kind partnership brings together the virtual world with the real world in the first ever NFT/Supplement collaboration! Follow us on social as we will have exciting drops in the coming weeks!

Limited Space Available

That's right, only 5500 custom NFTs have been created. Owning one grants access to the Meta Muscle League. Once these sell out, memberships will be closed and the League will be restricted to HODLERs only. Don't delay, pick up your own Meta Muscle League NFT today and start enjoying the perks of membership!


This Hits Harder

Expect More Energy. More Focus. More Power. More Performance. More Euphoria.  


Unleash Your Inner Yeti

Enhanced Energy, Performance Nootropic & Pump Formula.


Intergalactic Gains

Ultra Strong, Clean Euphoric Energy, with Enhanced Laser Focus and Tunnel Vision.

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Meta Muscle League

The META MUSCLE LEAGUE is a collection of 5,500 unique hand drawn & digitally mastered avatars that have reached the pinnacle of physical, mental, and spiritual perfection.  Owning one or more “SWOLYMPIANS” is your all access pass to the League’s ecosystem. Welcome to The META MUSCLE LEAGUE. Where the gym is always open.


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